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R I C H A R D  R O S E M A N A I R B O R N E   D E S I G N

Whether it be the quiet whisper of a Boeing aircraft pushing through a night sky or the undulating sound of bow thrusters slipping a yacht from its moorings on a moonlit sea, RRAD is dedicated to the enterprise of creating custom transportable environments that elevate the senses and project the legacy our clients have built.  

R I C K   R O S E M A N  is a name associated with high-end luxury designs. Classically trained in both architecture and Industrial Design, with a passion for aviation, Roseman earned his reputation combining his talents as an illustrator, and his keen eye for aesthetics, from a young age.


Today Roseman is a respected name in VVIP Aviation Design, having completed more than 16 large aircraft, as well as a handful of yacht and villa projects, most of which were derivative projects from aircraft relationships.


Supported by a tenured staff of designers, CAD specialists, animators and material specifiers, RWR is one of the most well-qualified transportation design groups in the world.




Richard (Rick) Roseman founded our firm back in 1998 and has been an advocate for reform in the design / completion processes since 2002. Mr. Roseman describes himself as someone passionate about aircraft and yachts - and with creating the exquisite environments for the lifestyle they convey.

D I R E C T O R   O F   D E S I G N

Joseph (Joey) Burns is the senior reigning member of the RRAD team, behind Mr. Roseman. Joey joined us in 2001 and has been Director of Design since 2008. Mr. Burns' involvement has and continues to be a key reason for our success. Mr. Burns' design talents are too long to list but suffice to say, the longstanding collaborative relationship between himself and Mr. Roseman, continues to be a guiding force in the development of all RRAD projects.


In 2019 we altered our business model mimicking that of the film industry. We no longer maintain a full time staff in the classic sense. We maintain a cooperative studio in Dallas and when a new project is taken on, we assemble a team of five additional designers and project coordinators that we've worked with for more than 25 years "the dream team". Why the change? First because we no longer accept more than ONE project at a time. This keeps us lean, employing only the assets we need and only when they're required. In this way, we offer our clients dedicated, singularly focused  resources applied only to their project.  When the project is over, same as in filmmaking, we celebrate our accomplishment, send our customer happily on their way and disband until the next interesting project once again pulls us all together.

After 27 years as a studio, this new practice model has relieved the common stresses of maintaining a small traditional studio wherein projects are often accepted just to pay the bills - whether the project is interesting or even a good fit. Being stimulated and excited about a project is everything when it comes to motivation. And both Motivation and excitement directly translate to excellence. After embarking on this new path, we have learned what the film industry has known forever - that in order to truly leverage your talents and create MAGIC, it requires the very top seasoned talents, the best of the best, and people that have all worked together for decades - all trained on a singular vision.


For the RRAD studio, it has been the single best 'lane change' we've made since our inception.  

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