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A R E A S   O F   P R A C T I C E
Boeing Business Jet
Gulfstream 650 RRAD
Private Motor Yacht
Residence Antilia, Mumbai

IAmbani Residence, Mumbai

Our primary area of practice is VVIP & Head of State aircraft. We bring more than 27 years of expertise and experience in this business space and in doing so, offer our client's a comprehensive range of design and supervision services. This is where we live and our experience here enables us to offer a rich vein of follow-on services that go well beyond the design itself; a methodology that ensures timely completion and raises quality standards significantly.

Bizjets have always been a significant part of our practice at the top end ranges; predominately Gulfstream 550 / 650 & 650 ER and Bombardier Global Express. RRAD enjoys the process of working directly with the OEM; a dramatic departure from the larger green aircraft wherein the OEM is not involved. In this arena we have both shorter completion durations and usually a closer involvement with the actual customer.

Truth be known, our office enjoys the marine side of our business as much as any other. While yachts represent perhaps 15-20% of our overall business, there is something about the freedom of such large spaces and the notion that these floating palaces can circumnavigate the globe. They are exciting projects and when they come, our enthusiasm spikes! 

As a matter of maintaining our general focus on transportation interiors, RRAD does not specifically market to clients for land based architectural projects, but on several occasions, we have relished the opportunity when an existing client requests our design expertise for home, villa or palace. Your project is always welcome!

R I C H A R D   R O S E M A N   A I R B O R N E   D E S I G N
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