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Bughatti Veyron FC Cabin concept - Crosta Aviation / CRJ 700

"Whether it be the quiet whisper of a Boeing aircraft pushing through a night sky or the undulating sound of bow thrusters slipping a yacht from its moorings on a moonlit sea, RRAD is dedicated to the enterprise of creating transportable environments that

elevate the senses and project the legacy you've built."


"Aesthetics that raise one's mood and provide a sense of well being can be experienced either in nature or in the environments we create as humans. The latter endeavor is an art form and those of us lucky enough to practice this artform, must surely be among the luckiest people.

It is a gift like no other and a passion that is inexhaustible." 

 ~  Richard Roseman


Smart design is the outcome of blending practical ideas with clean aesthetics and seamless function; a way of framing meaning and purpose in a beautiful form, in the same way that nature has.



Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 3.03.12 PM.png

In 2020, RRAD was invited to attend the Monaco Yacht Show, by CITADEL Completions (including a rather posh ride over and back on their principal's A-340 - that's the way to travel). RRAD's director, Richard Roseman assisted Citadel in announcing their new full-service VVIP completion center in Lake Charles, LA. Their was much hubub at the show, as there always is. Owners and owner agents, all shopping for next step up, be it new-build or existing.  Enough so, that RRAD has made plans to attend again in 2020. Ahoy!

RRAD marks each new year with a quick roundup 60 second video to put a face on our firm for the coming year and add a little whimsy

to the industry we love!

FINAL WEB 1200PX 120DPI.jpg

Houston Crosta turned Las Vegas upside down with his super-exotic car rentals. But now he has set his sights on aviation. Crosta retained RRAD to concept design the interior cabins of his new West Coast Super First Class Shuttle. With initial routes from Las Vegas to LA, to Denver, to Seattle and San Francisco - passengers will be able to relax in Bugatti inspired luxury seats, with every possible cabin amenity. We'll keep you updated!

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 12.52.46 PM.png

Although not the final iteration, this is one of our earlier iterations of a new - and very special - Gulfstream G-650 ER for an undisclosed customer. Why so special? Because the design brief calls for a max TT&L passenger load of only 4 people - which affords a lot of freedom to do some quite special things at the divans and elsewhere. This was a fun one with an interesting customer.

BBJ Bedroom

Mente Group, based in Dallas, Texas is one of the premier Private Aviation and Ownership Strategy consulting groups in the US. RRAD is proud to announce an upcoming strategic alliance with Mente Group and we're looking forward to the enhanced ways this new alliance will allow us to serve the aviation industry.  

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 12.27.32

For several years now, RRAD has worked with The Astralis Flight Club, and Managing Director, Tony Easton to concept design the interiors and interior functionality of it's three initial 747-400s. The club will feature super FC cabin service on its opening routes from London to NY and Dubai. Come on Brexit!!






In the next 45 days we will have an important new project announcement. One little hint! It's last name is -400 and she has sisters!

Our two team leaders, Joseph Burns and Thomas Alleman recently created a 747-8 proposal for a Head of State project and it's the cat's meow! Sorry we can't share a peek at this one but WELL DONE guys! You rock!

Our core enterprise is Design, of course, but in the last eighteen months, we have amped up our project planning and supervision game with a power tool, 

E-FIRST. It saves our customers money and avoids many of the pitfalls common in VVIP projects.

R I C H A R D   R O S E M A N   A I R B O R N E   D E S I G N
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