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R I C H A R D    R O S E M A N   

A   I   R   B   O   R   N   E       D   E   S   I   G   N

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"Whether it be the quiet whisper of a Boeing aircraft pushing through a night sky or the undulating sound of bow thrusters slipping a yacht from its moorings on a moonlit sea, RRAD is dedicated to the enterprise of creating transportable environments that elevate the senses and project the legacy you've built."

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B-747-8 / Republic of Kuwait


"Aesthetics that raise one's mood and provide a sense of well being can be experienced either in nature or in the environments we create as humans. The latter endeavor is an art form and those of us lucky enough to practice it as a livlihood, must surely be among the luckiest people. It is a gift like no other and a passion that is inexhaustible." 

 ~  Richard Roseman

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BBJ Max 8  Concept / CITADEL Completions


Smart design is the outcome of blending practicality with clean aesthetics and seamless function; a way of framing meaning and purpose in a beautiful form, in the same way that nature has.

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Boeing Business Jet -2  / Media Room


A I R B O R N E   S P L E N D O R


Uncommon dreams are commonplace and manifested in all of us - but the realization of uncommon dreams is rare and born unto those with means.  Yet financial wherewithal is only the beginning. Our customers entrust us not because we're talented, but because we have merged our talents with a career's worth of tenured experience. Only with both do remarkable achievements take flight. 

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For some, the "devil is in the details" but in the RRAD the old adage has no place. For us, the details are our playground, the point in every project where we get to expose our owners and their guests to little morsels that take them beyond their expectations - little layers of discovery that take the flight experience to another level

D E S I G N   B R I E F

Our customer's design brief is our bible. As designers we are merely the conveyers of the vision held by our clients. Our primary mission on first engaging a new customer is to capture their vision and while it can be done in a myriad of ways, it all must be distilled into a written 'brief' that in as few a words as possible conveys the look, the feel and the functionality being sought for their interior.

Our core enterprise is Design of course, but in the last eighteen months, we have amped up our project planning and supervision game with a power tool, E-FIRST. It saves our customers money and avoids many of the pitfalls common in VVIP projects.



R I C H A R D    R O S E M A N   

A   I   R   B   O   R   N   E       D   E   S   I   G   N

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