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Villas and Residential Design

high-end minimalist corporate interior -
Marinne Planning Headquarters Concept / Dubai
high end shop showroom - dubai.jpg
Coture Handbags / Accessories Showroom /  London
Ferrari showroom .jpg
Ferarri Showroom Concept -  Düsseldorf

S P E C I A L    P R O J E C T S

Occasionally RRAD is asked to get involved in special projects - programs that don't fall within our normal sphere. Above is a sampling of conceptual projects for the commercial marketplace. It's important to point out that these concepts are not live projects, rather examples of our extended design capabilities within peripheral disciplines.

All such projects require external collaborations with architects and ID firms that specialize in the particular interior applications being sought - in order to fully realize them. Nonetheless, we are often asked by our core aviation customers to help conceptualize commercial interior spaces that are part their core business enterprise or that aid them in conceptualizing new ventures.


Our experience has always shown us that clients with vast fortunes have vast imaginations and therefore the means to bring bold new projects to the forefront. 


We welcome such opportunities. 

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