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Biz Jets

As our name suggests, we are all about aircraft. It's where we began 27 years ago, it represents 90% of our project history - and it's absolutely "where we live"! However, we have practiced across other disciplines, including Private Motor Yachts, Land-based Residential projects and even a palace. All such projects were outgrowths of our aircraft projects in cases where our customer asked us to get involved. It's always a high compliment when a customer is so happy with their aircraft, that they request our help on another of their properties - and we're always delighted to accommodate them!


Creating new concepts are always fun and creatively energizing. It allows you to take things in places you might not otherwise be able to within the confines of an actual project. Yet in this case, we thought OK, so if we're going to create a new cabin concept, why not conceptualize the client also? In this way, we are forced to follow a written brief as we would with a real client - but still create something really special for a special (all be it fictitious) customer. In abbeviated form, here's how are brief read: The customer wasn't interested in retaining the original Gulfstream configuration - opting instead for something special - tailored more to his own aesthetic and unique mission profile for the aircraft. Among the notable features of this concept are a continuous ceiling mosaic of individual mother of pearl tiles, a highly custom transparent, three-dimensional window-wall treatment and compound curved cabinetry faces - extremely unusual in business aircraft.


This customer is an unapologetic, self-proclaimed male - into "male things" as he puts it; one of those being very expensive watches. At the far end of the cabin in this view, is a combination digital /analog recreation of a KF watch at 240% scale (shown in closer detail above). It serves as a novel nod to his penchant for pricey Swiss timepieces - but also pairs with a digital flight data readout. Another 460% scale full recreation movement, (not shown) adorns one of the credenzas. The customer is also cigar aficionado smoking only Gurkha Black Dragon native Dominicans. He also spends his time river kayaking, and aerobatic flying (He owns and pilots an Extra 330SC). Although this image is a ways from where the final design landed, his initial brief called for both coffee and camel colored leathers - but the brief also explained that his fiancé was 'over the moon for WHITES', hence the combination of all three as the predominant palette. 


To say the least, it has proved a very interesting exercise - and we decided to make it even more interesting by taking it a step further! One of our colleagues agreed to act as the client. As with any real project, he tossed in new elements, rescinded prior approvals, made last-minute changes and all the rest. Stay tune for the final!


Renderings produced by: 3D Viz in Miami  

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